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Quick Tour of the Redesigned Amazing Space Website


Search for Amazing Space resources by TOPIC or by TYPE:

The resources formerly listed in sections called "Teaching Tools" and "Capture the Cosmos" are now combined into one section, called Resources. Search for and view resources by topic or by type. Resource types include Online Explorations, Fast Facts, Lithographs, and more.

Online Explorations  include “Teaching Tips.” These pages provide a summary of the activity, science background information, suggested instructional strategies and assessment ideas, related resources, and applicable education standards. Access “Teaching Tips” by clicking the “Teaching Tips” link on each online exploration’s start screen.  

Tales of … and Star Witness news stories are science content readings that can be used to build background, support reading-for-comprehension activities, or bring current science to a variety of learners.

For Hubble Space Telescope images and overviews of select celestial objects, see Lithographs and Fast Facts. Many lithographs include a level-one inquiry activity designed to encourage the development of research skills and independent thinking.


Resource Overviews:

“Resource Overviews” include a resource description, suggestions for using the resource in the classroom, and related materials. Many resources have an overview that is displayed as a tab on the “Resource” page.


 Legacy Resources and Overviews:

Some resources and overview pages retain the classic Amazing Space look. These resources are marked with a  “Legacy” label or tag.